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Global Talent Visa by Tech Nation

For talented and promising people in particular industries who want to work in the UK, the Global Talent visa is a category of immigration to the UK. Successful candidates can work in the UK for up to five years on the Global Talent visa without the need for sponsorship or other entry conditions, like language tests and minimum income requirements, that are applicable to other UK immigration categories. Benefits include the freedom to switch jobs and work for different companies without obtaining the Home Office’s consent, go into business for oneself, form a spin-off company, and make additional money from consulting or other sources that may or may not be related to the area of research for which the applicant was endorsed.

Qualifying Conditions

There is no limit on the total number of visas that may be issued under this category, and applicants are free to select the term of their visa, which may initially be up to five years with several renewal options. Applicants must receive endorsement from one of the six endorsing organisations contracted by the Home Office in order to be taken into consideration for immigration under the Global Talent visa. Our focus at Muvve is for those in the tech industry.

Two paths are offered to accommodate different levels of experience. Candidates must choose one of the following:

Meet two of the qualifying “Exceptional Talent” criteria and one of the Key criteria listed in the table below.


Meet two of the qualifying “Exceptional Promise” requirements as well as one of the Key conditions.

Application Process

The application has two stages: a stage one for endorsements and a stage two for immigration (Stage 2).

Applications for Stages 1 and 2 must be submitted directly to the Home Office.


The following sections provide specific application information for each of the four endorsement pathways within the Global Talent category.

Your chosen endorsing body will notify the Home Office in writing of its endorsement choice. The Home Office will then inform you of the outcome of your application for an endorsement. Please don’t check in with the endorsing body to see how things are doing.


You can apply for a visa under Stage 2 if your Stage 1 application has been endorsed. You must provide a copy of your letter of recommendation. The endorsing organisations are not involved in Stage 2 of the procedure, and Stage 1 endorsement is not a deciding factor in whether a Global Talent visa will be granted.

Visa Duration

For a maximum of five years, the Global Talent visa may be issued. How many complete years of leave an applicant requests can be specified during the application process.


It’s possible that you qualify for settlement using this visa option. Whether your visa is approved on the criteria for Exceptional Talent (3 years) or Exceptional Promise will determine the qualifying time (5 years).

Here is your next step

We are proud to have 98% success rate and we will like to work with you. The form below leads to an eligibility check and it gives us insight into who you are. We will send you an email with the next step (15 discovery call) if your entry fits. If not, we will also send you an email letting you know and what steps you can take to qualify.

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