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Built On Empathy

Like you, Olamide landed in her new country and right from the airport, she experienced the thought of how to get a long term accommodation and before even landing, worried about where to stay temporarily conserving the cost of an Airbnb. This led to the creation of this platform. To help intending diasporans coming into the UK get a soft landing while connecting with the community.


You don’t have to live alone. You can immediately plug in to the abundance of human resources who can give you advice on career, jobs, home, social life etc. Who says you can’t settle in from day one?

Love for people

Imagine what a safe space will do for you. No matter what your goal is, Muvve has been structured in a way that makes you know that you are not alone. We have created different services to help you have a stress free move.






Happy Members

Relocating can be stressful Settling in shouldn't be.

Muvve is a diasporan community where everyone lives their life on purpose via experience and networking. Join us today.

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